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Pergolas are a great way to liven up your old backyard while incorporating some functional features to it. Installing one will bring about so many benefits and if you get us, we can design or redesign, and install pergolas depending on your specifications.

Consistently, our designs and outputs have always been durable and highly functional. In our company, we only employ the best team of professional builders who are ready to get you started. They have been creating beautiful pergolas for so long in residential owners in Wollongong, Australia and nearby locations.

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is an outdoor structure which enhances your home’s value and which consists of two parts: timber and roofs. Pergolas have become famous for residential owners, especially those with gardens in Australia. This is so because they significantly improve the area’s aesthetics and performance. For summers, pergolas serve as a great place to relax.

Pergola Material Options

As dictated by traditional methods, pergolas were only built from either stone or wood. As it now stands, you can build your own pergola using different types of materials such as cellular PVC, steel, aluminium, and fibreglass. The following are some of the other pergola materials with their unique features:

  • Wood
  • Traditional material option for pergola which has a natural and warm look and feel
  • Complements the colours of nature
  • Choose either hardwood or softwood to build your pergola.
  • Must undergo treatment and thorough sanding


  • Steel
  • Highly durable and lasts really long can be hard to handle and install
  • Must be protected by liquid paint or powder coat.
  • There are less expensive ones that will fit your budget, but won’t affect the quality and the look of your outdoor pergola.


  • Fibreglass
  • Ensures high durability, style, hassle-free maintenance, and versatility
  • Can stand against the drastic changes in the weather and other outdoor elements
  • Can blend easily with any decor
  • Enables other installations such as fans, lighting, and heaters.

Pergola Designs in Australia

  • Attached Pergola
  • Consists of a side which is connected to a structure serving as its support on one of its sides
  • Blends easily from your home or indoor structure to the outdoor area
  • Some restaurants also install pergolas to cater to their customers.


  • Wall-Mounted Pergola
  • Smaller than the standard pergola.
  • Mounted to a wall that is attached to a structure
  • No columns are needed.
  • Provides shade to smaller areas such as in the walkways.
  • Freestanding Pergola
  • Not attached to any structure
  • Requires at least four columns attached
  • Ideal for almost any one
  • Must adhere to the local laws to guarantee safety and avoid legal sanctions.

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